What are the benefits of manned guarding?

There are many security services available but probably the best deterrent is manned guarding. Eagle Security Protection provide security guards across the West Midlands. SIA qualified manned guards are the most effective deterrent against theft and vandalism.

Your property or business is an ongoing concern, especially with the times we’re living in with prices soaring. Crime is steadily on the increase and many business owners are looking for adding security for their properties. Eagle Security Protection pride ourselves on great customer service and an honest, reliable manned guarding service in Birmingham and the West Midlands. 

Mobile Quick Response Security guard in Birmingham

Advantages of manned guarding services in Birmingham?

There are many advantages that manned guarding in Birmingham can bring to your business. Here are just a few:

  1. Manned guards act as an effective deterrent.

    CCTV is a very popular method of security nowadays. Its relatively cheap to install and seems cost-effective. The problem is that in the UK the police are understaffed. A 2019 report from the BBC News stated police forces in England & Wales lost 21,732 officers between March 2010 and March 2018. Annual figures show this was the lowest number of police officers since 1981.

    These cuts came about as an attempt by the Conservative government to reduce the deficit. The fallout of this has been a huge increase in violent crimes, criminal damage and arson. Gone are the days when you used to see neighbourhood bobbies patrolling. If they saw some would be vandals, a clip round the ear would be enough to get rid of them.

    Increase in criminal damage and arson
    The recent escalation in criminal damage, arson and property crime in the UK has led to an increasing number of businesses in and around Birmingham hiring security guards. Manned guards can act quickly in response to thefts or criminal damage. They don’t have to wait for the police to arrive or CCTV operators to send out a mobile unit. This swift action can greatly reduces the risk of theft or criminal damage to your property.

    Construction site security and Facility management security in Birmingham has always been an effective deterrent against crime. Eagle Security Protection have successfully protected many businesses in and around the West Midlands for nearly 10 years. If you would like to know more about our manned guard services in Birmingham then call us on 01212 408 586 for a free quote.

  2. Manned guards can provide customers with a reassuring presence. 

    There is nothing more reassuring than seeing a real person guarding a premises. Many people have lost faith in CCTV and most know that CCTV cameras picture quality is often far from god enough. Being greeted by friendly security personnel can help your customers/guests feel safe and secure.

    Sadly, the news is full of stories about violent attacks in supermarkets and other premises. Many people are starting to fear everyday activities outside the house. Having a security guard in your Birmingham business can help your customers or clients to feel more secure when visiting your premises.

  3. Puts your employees at ease. 

    Attacks and assaults on workers is also on the increase in the UK.  Sky News reported in April 2022 that more than 72,000 were assaulted in the past four years. A very small percentage were actually reported to the police. It states the number of attacks is probably higher as only half of the NHS trust responded to their questionnaire.

    A recent House of Commons report stated that the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) found that 89% of individuals working in local shops had experienced some form of abuse. Shockingly, it reported that in 2019/2020 there were an average of 11 violent incidents every hour! There are many more reports out there but we don’t want to depress you.

    How can on-site manned guards help?
    An on-site security guard helps your staff to be able to feel secure in their workplace. This helps them to focus on their work and increases productivity. Our security guards in the West Midlands are all screened in accordance with British Standard BS7858 and are SIA licensed. They are all fully qualified and undergo ongoing training. They work closely with existing staff members in order to meet your business’ requirements.

  4. Prevent unauthorized access. 

    Vandals and thieves are major problems for businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands. As mentioned earlier, incidents or arson and theft from properties are on the increase. The presence of a manned guard is the best way to deter potential intruders to your facility or property. Construction site security in Birmingham saves local businesses hundreds of thousands each year.

    During the COVID lockdown there was a massive increase in squatters in commercial properties in the UK.  This is partly due to residential squatting being a crime, whereas commercial squatting is not. Also, the change in immigration rules that makes one night of rough sleeping grounds for deportation has led to more people becoming squatters, rather than admit to being homeless. Homeless charities data has shown that almost one-third of non-UK nationals are afraid to ask for help because they would have to declare their homeless status.

    Birmingham & West Midlands squatter prevention
    Manned guarding and regular mobile patrols can prevent people from squatting in unoccupied property.
    If you’re interested in contracting security services in Birmingham and the West Midlands then contact ESP today on 01212 408 586.

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